• Adult Rowing

    Adult rowing is set up so that you can experience Boston Harbor in a fun, safe and healthy adventure.

    Come try it out for free!!!

    You get to try it outĀ for three times.

    If you absolutely love it you can join the Boston Rowing Center for $130 a year.

    Please click this link to be directed to the HLM membership info page.

    Membership helps to fund all of HLM’s programs including Youth Rowing, the Maritime Apprentice Program and all other activities supported by Hull Lifesaving Museum.

    Make sure to wear weather appropriate clothing which can include:

    • Hat or other sun protection
    • Extra layers, remember it can be a little cooler on the water.
    • Gloves, if you worry about your hands
    • Water!


    The Adult rowing schedule is:

    Weeknight rowing is open NOW!!

    Monday and Wednesday

    Meet at 6:00 pm

    Back at the dock 7:15-7:30pm


    All year round


    Meet at 10:00 am

    Back at the dock 11:30 am

    If you are interested please email:

    info@BostonRowingCenter.org to confirm your participation, keep in mind that weather plays a big part on the activity.

    What to expect on your first row:

    On the first time you come rowing at the Boston Rowing Center, you’ll be given the “Cheap and Dirty” rowing lesson where you’ll learn why women are naturally better rowers than men.

    The lesson includes:

    • Safety
    • Basics of rowing
    • Boat/rowing related vocabulary
    • Moving around in the boats

    You might get a little history, or some rowing stories too.

    We’ll then head out in one of our coxed boats.

    You can bring personal things with you in the boat.

    Or we can lock them safely.

    A backpack is handy but not necessary.

    After we cast off and get familiar with the motions, we’ll practice a bunch of drills to practice our stroke and timing.

    That’s it, you’re a rower now!

    From then on, it’s just a matter of getting used to the motion and enjoying your surroundings.




    A program of: